happiness can be found

Having a happier life is something we all always strive for,and being happy encompasses so many aspects—mental, physical and spiritual—of our lives.

What I’ve learned from being happy is that no matter how bad our days get, happiness can be found, especially when we consistently try to consciously be happy.

1. Learn how to relax when setbacks arise.

We do not live in a perfect world. Some days are great; some days are not. Some days, the buses run extremely late, and you swear you’ll never take the public transport ever again. Accept the fact that things may not go as planned. Instead of trying to change something you can’t, focus your energy on changing something that is within your control.

2.Laugh in the middle of a busy day.

It’s 3 PM on a Friday afternoon and you’re desperate to leave the office. On top of the work you have, you’re running close to a super important deadline. Instead of blaming everything not going your way, take a moment to laugh.
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Superbowl madness

It’s no secret that I’m not really a sports person. I’m the type of nerd who avoids sports bars at all costs. And if I was forced to go to one, I would probably hide in a corner with a book and a set of earplugs DR REBORN.

Luckily for me I married a man that hates watching sports even more than I do. Other than the World Cup and the occasional Wimbledon match, our house is a strictly sports-free zone (unless you consider marathon-watching season 2 of Fargo a sport, which I do).

But there’s one aspect of Superbowl madness I can unequivocally get behind. Game day snacks theradome.

Game-day food, Superbowl snacks, finger food, whatever you want to call it, I like it all. Cocktail meatballs have been a party staple forever and it’s because they’re damn delicious. The classic version is made with grape jelly and chili sauce which sounds kind of gross but is really tasty in a retro, don’t-tell-anyone-I’m-eating-this kind of way joyetech cuboid 150w.

I wanted to make a modern version and since I love Korean flavors, I decided on a sweet and spicy gochujang glaze. Our version is adapted from this great recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Spoon Fork Bacon.

Gochujang is a spicy fermented chili paste that’s a staple in many Korean dishes. You could think of it almost like a spicy version of Japanese miso, since it balances salty and sweet flavors along with the spice.

It’s pretty easy to find these days (our local grocery store carries it), though it’s much cheaper at our Asian market. Of course, you can always find it on the internet. Be advised, the heat level varies greatly brand to brand so it can be difficult to gauge exactly how much to use until you’ve cooked with it. My advice is to use a little less to start because you can always add more but you can’t take it out.

Like miso, it has a very long shelf-life so don’t worry about using it all up once it’s open. Store it in the refrigerator and add it to meat marinades, salad dressings, tacos, and any other dish you want to add spice to.

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subscription bonus

It's interesting how certain recipes and photos just seem to speak your name. The photo of this tart is the reason why I subscribed to Ricardo Magazine a year ago. Ok, this is not the only reason, but it's one of them Conference organisers. I already wrote how I used to love that magazine a few years ago and then it was cancelled. Last year when I found out that the magazine is back, I hesitated - now that everything is online, was there even a point in subscribing to a print magazine mask house? Will it be used? Will I like it? Then I saw that they offered an early subscription bonus, an extra issue. There was a photo of this bonus magazine and I fell in love with the picture on the cover. I knew I had to  subscribe just to get my hands on it.

That recipe just stuck in my mind. So fast forward a year, I went outside a month ago to check my garden and saw that the tomato plants that we planted weren't just regular tomato, they were cherry tomato with tiny clusters of little round fruit starting to grow mvp 20w. I knew right there and then that I'll finally be making this tart. Over the course of last week I kept patiently (or not so much) checking the plants to see if all of the tomatoes on the vine were finally ripe.

This is a beautiful and easy tart to make. It looks super impressive and festive and tastes fresh and delicious. There's no need to use only tomatoes on the vine, individual tomatoes will look just as pretty. I made the tart with blue cheese, but I can imagine it with goat cheese too and the original feta as well. I have to be honest, I had trouble with the pastry, but it's something that I personally have to work on. Whenever I make tarts/pies with cold butter, flour, tiny bit of liquid combination, the dough never works as well as it should. Required liquid is never enough, so I always add more and in turn pastry gets soggy - delicious, but not crunchy.
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